1. Have Fun!

  2. Socks Only!

       Everyone is required to wear socks. No shoes or bare-feet      

       allowed. If you forgot your socks you can purchase them  here. If your

       child loses their socks you must replace them with another pair


   3. Signed waivers are required prior to entry.

   4. Play Nice.

       No rough play or fighting allowed. Parents and children who 

       do not respect the rules of the facility will be immediately           

       asked to leave. No refunds will be granted.

   5. Be Under 51”

       Play area and equipment are designed for children under

       51” inches. For their safety, adults are not allowed to play on       

       the equipment or play structures. You are responsible for             

       any damage caused to our equipment.

   6. Adults required.

       Parental supervision required at ALL TIMES. We are not a

       day care; and do not allow drop off’s. There must be one   

       legal guardian responsible for monitoring your children at         

       all times when they play in our facility.

   7. Outside food or beverages are NOT permitted. Only baby                  

       formula, milk and water are allowed. No eating or drinking   

       in the play-area. Food and beverage consumption is only                   

       allowed in designated areas such as the party-rooms.

   8. Common Courtesy.

       Children whom are coughing or visibly sick should not be              

       brought into our facility. Any children visibly deemed to not         

       be feeling well will not be allowed to enter.